automotive casting china industry is more advanced than automotive casting manufacturers india

Automotive casting technology in china's automotive casting industry is developed very quickly,by now,automotive casting china can produce automotive engine blocksauto wheel hub castings,Auto shock absorber inertia ring castings,auto heads casting, cast iron automotive wheels,Auto Brake Disc Castings,and other auto casting parts etc.

now in china, automotive metal casting all most all taken in gray iron foundries and ductile iron foundries. 
china automobile foundries use cupola or induction furnaces to melt the iron in automotive casting process so that to melt the iron use to pour the automtive casting parts with sand molding caves. the things is as same as automotive casting manufacturers india.
China automotive casting suppliers make automotive sand casting In ferrous foundries, moulds are traditionally made from green sand, and the Cores can be made from thermosetting phenol-formaldehyde resins or similar resins mixed with sand which is then heated -hot boxmethod or from amine-cured urethane sand mixtures which cure at room temperature -cold boxmethod. The resin sand mixture is poured into a core box which has a cavity in the desired shape of the core. 
automotive casting and machining:The auto part castings produced in gray iron castings, such as cast iron automotive engine blocks,cast iron auto heads,cast iron automotive wheels, and other cast iron auto parts etc. material according to ASTM.JIS.BS.DIN standards. and all are OEM auto parts castings made accrding to importers' drawings, samples, or patterns.

High-production coremaking is characteristic of the auto castings industry in china. Hot box phenol-formaldehyde coremaking replaced oil-sand cores in china automotive castings indutries. this can improve automotive casting components quality.
automotive casting industry's workers should be outfitted with heat-protective clothing and eye and face protection in order to prevent any harm doing to the foundryman workers. now in china. youngagers don't like do foundryman job. they rather like others job which earn less salary than foundryman.because they think foundryman is hardworking, polluted job.we think this is the sames situation must faceed for automotive casting manufacturers india
automotive castings Machining in china:
automotive parts machining of engine blocks, crankshafts, transmissions auto clutches castings,auto body casting,and other components is characteristic of the auto industry.

auto parts machining processes are found within various parts manufacturing facilities and are the dominant process in engine, transmission and bearing production. Components such as camshafts, gears, differential pinions and brake drums are produced in machining operations.

One-person machining stations are increasingly replaced by multiple station machines, and CNC machining center is most used in china automotive castings machining workshops. to make sure the automotive castings machining quality is higher and better than automotive casting manufacturers india.
Grinding and tool sharpening the auto part castings may present a danger of hard metal disease unless cobalt exposure is measured and controlled. Grinding wheels should be fitted with screens, and eye and face protection and respiratory protective equipment should be worn by grinders. 
automotive casting companies in china now can assembled the machined cast iron auto parts into a finished component according to importers requested, but mostly just exporting these automotive casting parts or cast iron car parts without assembling.

automotive wheel hub castings

automotive wheel hub castings


what is OEM castings?

OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Originally, OEM referred to a company which originally designed a given product, which was then this company sold to other companies to rebuilt or rebrand and resell. 

but as time passing. now, OEM is more frequently used to describe those companies in the business of remanufacturing or rebranding a manufacturer's products and selling them to end customers.

OEM castings, means manufacturers make patterns mould toolings according to the originally designed products drawings or samples of the importing company, machining the castings accrding to the importers's drawing and request without modification. and exporting these OEM castings to the vendors back, Alternatively, it may incorporate and bundle the vendor's products with its own technology for resale.

Vendors or say OEM castings importers needs of this type of OEM Castings. At times, major OEM castings vendors will themselves enter OEM arrangements to supplement their product lines. 

take OEM Fire hydrant for example, the OEM fire hydrant manufacturers or say OEM suppliers, typically take vendor's technology into its own applications to make the OEM fire hydrant according to importers drawings, samples or patterns.and assemble the fire hydrant according to vendors' request. and take hydraulic testing according to vendors request. then export these OEM fire hydrants to the vendors for they resale to their end customers.

OEM fire hydrant made in china

OEM fire hydrant made in china

















by the way, the OEM castings suppliers must sign an OEM agreement with vendors to get the production license for OEM making this product to prevent from any violent of this OEM products' copyright.

Now in China. OEM casting manufacturers can make OEM cast iron pump parts, OEM cast iron pump bowl, OEM cast iron valve parts, OEM cast iron motor parts,OEM cast iron elevator parts, OEM cast iron auto parts, OEM Fire hydrants And OEM bench vises etc. and china export lots of OEM products to USA.EUROPE,JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA.CANADA. etc.

OEM valve castings made in china

OEM valve castings made in china


OEM pump castings made in china

OEM pump castings made in china


OEM bench vises made in china

OEM bench vises made in china










OEM is also help China manufacturers improved their manufacturing knowhow and manegment system. and hope China OEM industry can change from OEM castings to OEM ready for use finished products.

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motor castings foundry in china development situation report

motor castings foundry in china development situation report

in china there are most motor castings foundry all over china countryside,and motor castings foundation in China is very good after more than 30 years developments. 

the motor castings technology is also very advanced in china. say,knowhow on how to control the motor castings fire.

now in china. motor castings foundry can make ductile motor castings,cast grey iron motor castings,motor body casting,motor block casting, motor aluminium castings with die casting and cleaning motor castings,etc.

Motor castings materialaccording to ASTM.DIN,JIS,BS standards, OEM motor castings made according to importers drawigs, samples or pattern toolings.

but we can see that china motor castings foundry skill is also backwords than motor castings usa. that means motor castings inc in USA have very advanced motors castings knowhow and technology than motor castings company in china.

China motor castings foundry should pay much more attention to learn from motor castings usa not only foundry techology but also motor castings knowhow and managemant.and also motor casting repair technology skill.

now in china. the youth people do not like motor castings jobs,because they think motor castings jobs is hards work, dirty work so youngages do not like motor castings job. this caused motor castings foundry short of foundryman workers.and higher salary.

China motor castings foundry or china motor castings company if have the change should take the change of attending casting motor expo 2015,casting motor expo 2016,and casting motor show 2015,casting motor show 2016,so that to promote our motor castings products in casting motor show, and also from there we can learn motor castings technology from developed country so that to improve china motor casting development.

china motor castings foundry motor casings products picture

china motor castings foundry motor casings products picture

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china valve castings manufacturers in the cross road

Since China open the door to the outside in 1980. China valve castings manufacturers boomed year by years as they supply valve castings to abroad.

at that time china valve castings manuacturers mainly export to USA. EUROPE.JAPAN,SOUTH KOREA. etc. export price at very lower level. have very good competitive adavnce. lots of valve castings manufacturers growed up from then.

for 30 years valve castings exporting. china valve castings manufacturers learn lots of knowhow on valve castings process,valve casting radiography technology,valve casting defects finding skill.valve casting materials according to ASTM. JIS. BS,DIN standards.

now china valve casting foundry can take almost all kind of valve castings from ball valve castings,industrial valve castings,valve housing castings,valve body castings,globe valve castings,valve box castings, gate valve castings to valve casting vs forging,valve bronze casting,valve die casting,valve investment casting,hydraulic valve castings and radiography of valve castings.

valve castings manufacturers in china's valve casting grades now is at very higher grade. quality very good, delivery on time valve body casting process machining by CNC lathes, valve body casting defects inspection checking have very adanvced tools.

that why lots of valve body casting buyers from the world come to china to cooperated with china valve castings manufactures. from all over the world valve casting importer import their valve castings from china.

but since 2008 the world economic recession. China valve castings manufacturers come to the cross road. and have to face valve casting manufacturers in india compeitition, those valve casting companies in india have some advantage which we do not have. that is lower foundry workers salary. currency change rate against US dollar very lower. these two key factors for valve castings india have very competitive prices thant china valve castings.

so some of valve casting buyers go to india. But China valve castings manufacturers also have our own adavance which casting manufacturers in india not have.

that is we have more than 30 years valve castings exporting history. good quality, transport highway convenient. high level teach foundrymanship. high tech machining CNC equipments.

and we have widely valve casting buyers net we set up through 30 years exporting business. now china valve castings manufacturers must do is improve our valve castings quality, improve our manufacturing management system so that to lower our product cost, delivery on time. so that to do our best to keep china valve castings exporting business as better as before.

valve castings in china

valve castings in china

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china bench vises manufacturers face tough competition around the worlds.

China bench vises manufacturers face tough competition around the worlds.

As we know bench vise made in china keep export to USA for many years and have lot of sales.

but recently. China bench vises manufacturers have to face much more tough situation and very hard compeition from those bench vise manufactuers from the worlds. 

such as:bench vise manufacturers india,bench vices suppliers south africa,bench vice suppliers in bangalore,bench vises suppliers in pune,bench vices suppliers-chennai,bench vise suppliers in uae,bench vises suppliers in hyderabad,bench vice supplier in mumbai,etc. 

all these bench vises suppliers' quality is not as good as bench vise made in china. but because those country's bench vises manufacturers have lower salary cost, lower currency change rate against US dollar, all these make china bench vises suppliers in very tough condition.

especially bench vise manufacturers in india. they have almost as same  foundrymanship as china. as same quality bench vices, but they have lower worker cost, lower currency change rate. that make china bench vises manufacturers in a very tough condition. 

but one things that china bench vises suppliers advance have. that is our transport highway can make sure delivery on time. this is our advantage.another is our quality is better than others suppliers.

so from now on, China bench vise manufacturers and suppliers. must enhance our quality control. improve managing system. so that to lower production cost,and enhance QC controle. to make sure quality best, delivery on time. so that to keep china bench vises keep lots of exporting to USA.Europe and Japan market.

bench vises made in china

bench vises made in china











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china pumps and motors suppliers have growed up

Since in 1980's China Open to the outside world,China cast iron pump parts exporting trade have boomed, lots of china pumps and motors suppliers grow up since then.

at the beggining, china pumps and motors castings suppliers mainly export OEM cast iron pump body casting,cast iron pump bowl casting,cast iron pump casing casting and cast iron pump impeller castings,pump bowl head castings the world, made according to importers' drawings, samples or molding patterns toolings.

after thirty years china pumps and motors suppliers'foundry with related machining capability improved .lot of China water pump supplier are specialized in the Sand casting,Lost Wax Casting,and CNC machining for all OEM pump parts or motors parts processing.

pump casting foundry materials range include Gray iron,ductile iron, Carbon steel and Low-alloy steel casting. the material are widely used in pump body casting,pump bowl casting,pump casing casting,pump impeller casting.submersible pump castings parts,vacuum pump casting,centrifugal pump casing,cast iron hand pump parts,cast iron water pump parts,cast iron pitcher pump parts,cast iron well pump parts,cast iron garden pump parts,cast iron pump flanges and cast iron pump bowls,etc.

most of china pumps and motors suppliers can cast and machine castings's weight per piece from 0.5KG to 500KG,but this is just generally speaking.

China pumps and motors suppliers keep export high quality cast iron pump castings parts to North America, South America, Australia, U.K, Europe,

China pumps and motors suppliers now all can take advanced spectra analysis instrument and mechanical property test equipment and can produce high quality and different kinds of casting parts according to ASTM, AISI, DIN, BS, JIS standards.

China pump and motor suppliers now can take sand castings, precision lost wax investment castings for metals including grey iron castings, ductile iron castings,stainless steel,carbon steel, low alloys, copper base alloys, aluminium alloys castings.

Welcome all of world pump manufacturers or pump parts importers come to China to cooperate with china pumps and motors suppliers. you can have a great deal with us. china pump castings suppliers can provide you with hight quality competive prices pump castings.

pump impeller made bychina pumps and motors suppliers

pump impeller made by DLFT china pumps and motors suppliers

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fire hydrant manufacturers in china is compete with fire hydrants manufacturers india

Today fire hydrant manufacturers and suppliers in china foundrymanship, and fire hydrants parts machining workmanship and machine equipments is much better, and also china industrial workmanship is better than fire hydrants manufacturers and suppliers india haves .

China inland highway and transport base is much more better than India. that can make sure fire hydrants manufactureres in china can delivery more quick than fire hydrant manufacturers India.Because India inland transport is to poor. and also india international sea port is too poor than China.

But China fire hydrant manufacturers and suppliers face a very tough situation,that is higher foundryman and machining workers' salary. and also higher RMG against USD change rate. but fire hydrants manufacturers india is much better than fire hydrant manufacturers in china at this situation.

So china fire hydrant manufacturers must improve casting workmanship. foundrymanship. machining technology. and managing system so that to lower fire hydrant parts manufacturing cost. and quality control system. so that to delivery higher quality fire hydrants products to compete with fire hydrants manufacturers india supplied.

now from our point of view china fire hydrants supplied quality is better than fire hydrants india. fire hydrant manufacturers in china must take much more attention to quality control. delivery on time so that to keep China fire hydrant advance than india fire hydrants.


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