electric motor components diagram

For better understanding of a whole electric motor, no matter it's dc electric motor components or ac electric motor components,it is quite necessary to have some idea about the operation or purpose of electric motor components. no matter these motor components supplied by electric motor components manufacturersor electric motor components suppliers in china or from india.

each components or unit has its own special functions to perform and in conjuction with the other electric motor component constitutes a electric motor. those who want to operate, repair or assemble elctric motor must be able to recoginize different basic electric motor components by sight and know what their particular functions are.

With different number and arrangement of electric motor main components.electric motor vary in their outer appearance and size as well as in the details of construction. However, they all have the same main electric motor component parts which, though the components parts may look different. will perform the same functions.

By parts each electric motor can be separated into fixed parts and moving parts.

Roughly speaking, fixed parts component of electric motor refer to the motor frame which rests on a hull structure termed as electric motor foundation or motor seat,motor frame, motor end cover.etc.

While moving parts component in electric motor include motor rotor, motor shaft,bearing,motor fan. etc.

the following is a electric motor components diagram brief introduction on the basic electric motor components:

1.motor frame

cast iron motor frame, material standard subjected to different forces such as inertia and impact of the moving parts apart from supporting the whole weight of electric motors.  by centrifugal casting electric motor such as cast iron motor casing,cast iron motor body,electric motor body casting material according to ASTM, DIN,BS standard.

2.motor end cover

electric motor have two cast iron end covers,and is mounted up on the motor fame two side,as support of motor shaft,electric motor body part casting material usually is grey iron casting.

electric motor components diagram

electric motor components diagram


















3. motor shaft

the motor shaft turns under the action of rotor. the shaft supported by two side bearing which mounted on the two end cover. the shaft output turning throught the shaft outside of motor frame.so that to turn others  equipment like pump or others turning.

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