Fire hydrant Sand Casting industry In China

Since China opening door to the outsid world thirty years ago. China Casting industry have develop very quickly. China Export lot of Castings products abroad since these exporting castings.

the Fire hydrant valve castings made according to importers' drawings, samples or patterns also have get very big improved.including Green Sand mold casting for fire hydrant body, cap, valve body . quality are very good to importers' satisfy made by china fire hydrant castings suppliers.

 Green Sand general consists of Silica sand and Additives coated by rubbing the sand grains together with clay uniformly wetted with water, more stable and refractory sands have been developed, such as fused silica, zircon, and mullite, which replace lower cost silica sand and have only 2% linear expansion at ferrous metal temperatures. also, relatively unstable water and clay bonds are being replaced with Synthetic resins, which are much more stable at elevated temperatures.

Green sand molding is used to produce fire hydrant valve castings, not only for iron castings fire hydrant parts, also for bronze fire hydrant coupling castings to make sure the castings appearance smoothly and looking very good.

DLFT CO LTD will do our best to make sure our  delivery to importers high quality fire hydrant valve castings as better as we can.



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