fire fighting equipment play key role in a big fire

Firemen had been fighting the forest fire with many fire hydrants around and fire hoses,fire water pumps and fire fighting helicopter for nearly three weeks before they could get it under control.

A short time before. great trees had covered the countryside for miles decorated with red colored fire hydrants around the green grass and forest.

Now, smoke still rise up from the warm ground over the desilated hills. and those fire hydrants which had play key role in the big fire fighting still stand around there,but some of these fire hydrant broken because of big fire burned.  thanks for these fire hydrants, fire hose and fire fighting water pump which supplied enough water for pulling down the big fire.

winter was coming on and the hills threatened the surronding villages with destruction. for heavy rain would not only wash away the soil but would cause serious floods as well. in case have floods. the fire water pump and fire fighting equipment can also play key role to pump  the flood water outof the villages.

When the fire had at last been put out by firemen with fire hydrant, fire hose, fire water pump ,fire fight equipment helping. the forest authorities ordered 1000 set of a new fire hydrants and  fire hydrant parts from fire hydrant valve manufacturers in china.  thses new fire hydrant will be replaced those fire hydrant broken because of hte big fire, and  fire hydrant parts which would use to fire hydrant repair which was slightly broken in this fire.

And the forest authorities also ordered also some grass seed  which was sprayed over the ground in huge quantities by areoplanes, the planes had been planting seed for nearly a month, and use fire hydrants around there and fire pump to make rain to water the grass seed, by the spring time come on, however in many places the grass had already taken root. in place of the great trees which had been growing there for centuries. patches of green had begun to appear in the blackened you can see the fire fighting equipment play realy very important key role in a big fire


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