iron casting foundry finishing operations in china

iron casting foundry finishing operations in china usually take following  steps:

After iron casting process, the castings have solidified and cooled somewhat, iron casting foundry take those castings and place on a shakeout table or grating on which the sand mold is broken up, leaving the iron casting free to be picked out.

The iron casting is then taken to the finishing room where the gates and risers are removed.

Small gates and risers may be broken off with a hammer if the iron casting  material is brittle such as in grey iron casting process. Large iron casting require sawing, cutting with a torch, or shearing.

Unwanted metal protrusions such as fins, bosses, and small protions of gates and risers need to be smoothed off to blend with the surface.

Most of this work is done with a heavy-duty grinder and the process is known as snagginh or snag grinding.

On large iron casting it is easier to move the grinder than the work, so swing-type grinders are used.

Smaller iron casting are brought to stand or bench type grinders. hand and pneumatice chisels are used to trim castings or with others iron casting equipment used in china iron casting foundry

A more recent method of removing excess metal from ferrous castings is with a carbon air torch. This consists of a carbon rod and high amperage current with a stream of compressed air blowing at the base of it. 

This oxidizes and removes the metal as soon as it is molten. in many iron casting foundry in china, this method has replaced nearly all chipping and grinding operations. these step use by many  iron casting suppliers in china

This is the iron casting in china situation.  there are many iron casting manufacturers all around china mainland. every year produce lots of  iron casting products and export to all over the world by china iron casting suppliers . quality excellent, price competitive. but this have caused china heavy air polluted.

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