the layout and main casting of automobile parts

The automobile industry is a fast developing industry. from the later 18th century when the first automobile was put on road. this industry has developed tremendously.

now there are thousands of factories all over the world manufacturing numerous types of automobiles. This industry employs millions of men and women directly in allied industies.

and automobile castings industry developing very fast along with the automobile industry fast developing,automotive casting manufacturers china and india have growed up along with they exporting OEM automobile casting parts such as  various automobile casting components, automobile die casting parts,car body casting,car engine casting parts,automobile engine cover castings,auto generator part castings,auto turbo part castings,automobile gearbox die castings,automobile charge air cooler tank castings,auto lighting components die casting and auto wheel hubs castings,automobile brake disc castings ,automobile water body casting, and  automoblie shock absorber inertia ring castings to USA,EUROPE AND JAPAN according to importers' drawings and request.

Now car engine casting process have also develop quickly in china automobile casting industry these years.

The automobile industry is a developing and demanding industry which does not find its end or saturation point. there is a great demand for trained and experienced persons in this industry for automobile castings, die casting automobile parts, system componets,auto Brake system castings foundryman job and machining works.

An automobile probably has about 700 different parts in it. some of them make by grey iron  sand castings, but most of them  made from alumimum die castings.

the layout of a car shows the posion of the main parts of an automobile. it consist of engine located at the front of the vehicle, followed by a clutch, gear box,propeller shaft, universal joint,differential, back axle etc.

the radiator is located in front of the engine, various others parts of the vehilce shown in the layout are dynamo, horn, steering box, fan, carburettor, air filter, steering wheel, cylinder, petrol tank, rear axle, front axle.

the drive from the gearbox is conveyed through a short shaft to the front universal joint of the propeller shaft. from the propeller shaft it is conveyed to the rear universal joint through a sliding splined type of joint.

the bevel gear of the short shaft is driven by the rear universaljoint. the bevel gear meshes with a large bevel gear which drive the two rear shaft through a differential gear.

for controlling the movement of the vehicles or to stop them, efficent braking system is a necessity for a vehicle. brakes attached to each of the four types. in the initial type, a pair of shoes carried on a stationary plate is expanded in contact with a wheel rotating drum mounted on the wheels to arrest the motion of the drum.

in the modern type of brakes, one or more pairs of pads are carried in a caliper attaced to the axle or wheel supporting linkage.

the side of the disk mounted on th wheel are griped by these pads, by applying pressure on a pedal, the brakes are applied. a hand lever acting through a separate linkage and locked in the one position is used.

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