china valve castings manufacturers in the cross road

Since China open the door to the outside in 1980. China valve castings manufacturers boomed year by years as they supply valve castings to abroad.

at that time china valve castings manuacturers mainly export to USA. EUROPE.JAPAN,SOUTH KOREA. etc. export price at very lower level. have very good competitive adavnce. lots of valve castings manufacturers growed up from then.

for 30 years valve castings exporting. china valve castings manufacturers learn lots of knowhow on valve castings process,valve casting radiography technology,valve casting defects finding skill.valve casting materials according to ASTM. JIS. BS,DIN standards.

now china valve casting foundry can take almost all kind of valve castings from ball valve castings,industrial valve castings,valve housing castings,valve body castings,globe valve castings,valve box castings, gate valve castings to valve casting vs forging,valve bronze casting,valve die casting,valve investment casting,hydraulic valve castings and radiography of valve castings.

valve castings manufacturers in china's valve casting grades now is at very higher grade. quality very good, delivery on time valve body casting process machining by CNC lathes, valve body casting defects inspection checking have very adanvced tools.

that why lots of valve body casting buyers from the world come to china to cooperated with china valve castings manufactures. from all over the world valve casting importer import their valve castings from china.

but since 2008 the world economic recession. China valve castings manufacturers come to the cross road. and have to face valve casting manufacturers in india compeitition, those valve casting companies in india have some advantage which we do not have. that is lower foundry workers salary. currency change rate against US dollar very lower. these two key factors for valve castings india have very competitive prices thant china valve castings.

so some of valve casting buyers go to india. But China valve castings manufacturers also have our own adavance which casting manufacturers in india not have.

that is we have more than 30 years valve castings exporting history. good quality, transport highway convenient. high level teach foundrymanship. high tech machining CNC equipments.

and we have widely valve casting buyers net we set up through 30 years exporting business. now china valve castings manufacturers must do is improve our valve castings quality, improve our manufacturing management system so that to lower our product cost, delivery on time. so that to do our best to keep china valve castings exporting business as better as before.

valve castings in china

valve castings in china

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