DLFT CO LTD is professional manufacturer and exporter of Various  high quality cast iron elevator sheave pulley , Rope Sheave Elevator Castings,Elevator Traction Wheel Castings,Elevator Rope Sheave Casting Product,Elevator Taction Machine Deflector Sheave,Elevator Pulley Sheave,Elevator Deflector Sheave Product Castings, Elevator Wheel castings,Elevator Pulley Castings etc. Made according to importers samples, drawings, or patterns, Material according to ASTM. DIN, JIS. BS, ISO. EN etc.Such as Ductile Iron Casting DIN GGG40/50.

We take Resin Sand Gasting or Green Sand Casting,Diameter from ø240mm-ø640mm details specification according to importers drawings or samples.all the products directly from DLFT CO LTD.

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