DLFT CO LTD is manufacturer and Exporter of Various OEM gate valve castings made according to importers' drawings or samples. detail specification as following:

1.Gate valve castings according to AWWA C509.Details:

Gate valve body castings, Size:DN50-DN300. Material ASTM A 126B(GG25). Gray iron casting.

Gate Valve Wedge Castings, Size DN50-DN300. Material ASTM A126B(GG25) Grey iron Casting.

Gate Valve Yoke Castings,Size DN50-DN300. Material ASTM A126B(GG25).Gray iron casting.

Gate Valve Handwheel Castings, Size DN50-DN300. Material Steel Casting.

2.Gate Valve Castings according to DIN EN1171.

Gate valve body castings.Size DN80-DN200. Material Din GGG40/50 Ductile iron casting.

Gate valve wedge castings.Size DN80-DN200. Material DIN GGG40/50 Ductile iron casting. Rubber lined.

Gate valve bonnet castings. Size DN80-DN200.Material DN GGG40/50 Ductile ion casting.

Gate valve stemnut castings. Material Bronze casting.

Gate Valve stem guidebush castings. Material Bronze Casting.

Gate Valve Handwheel castings. Size DN8-DN200. Material steel Casting.

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