1.pump bowl castings:

DLFT CO LTD is professtional manufacturers suppliers and Exporters of various Pump bowls castings,cast iron pump bowl,pump diffuser bowls,pump bowl part castings,Pump suction bowl castings,Sumbersible pump bowl castings,deep well pump bowl castings,pump bowls for submerged pump,water pump diffuser castings, bowls impeller castings for centrifugal water pump, bowl impeller castings for vertical tubine pump,gravel pump bowl castings,pump cast iron bushings,pump diffuser bowls castings,Material According ASTM.DIN,BS, JIS.Such as Gray iron GG20/25.

pump bowl castings

pump bowl castings

















2.Cast Iron Connecting Sleeve for pump bowls.

Material Din GG20/25.Green Sand Molding cast iron connecting sleeve for pump bowl, CNC machined flow channel Smooth,

connecting sleeve for pump bowl castings

connecting sleeve for pump bowl castings

pump bowl casting

pump bowl casting



















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