die casting how it works in china die casting suppliers foundry

Die casting may be classified as a permanent mold casting system in die casting and foundry; however, it differs from the process that the molten metal is forced into the mold or die under high (1000 to 30,000psi;6.89 to 206.8MPa) pressure during die casting process in die casting foundry.

during die casting process,the  die casting material solidifies rapidly( within a fraction of a second) because the die is water cooled. Upon solidification. the die is opened and ejector pins automatically knock the castings out of the die.

most of the castings will have die casting flash where the two die halves come together. This is usually removed in a trimming die, but may be done with the aid of abrasive belts or wheels or by tumbling now in china die casting suppliers foundryies.

if the parts are small. several of them may be made at one time in that is termed a multicavity die.

two main types of die casting machines are used: the hot chamber and the cold chamber types.

hot chamber die casting:

the hot chamber die casting machine is shown following picture. the material is kept in a heated holding pot. as the plunger descends. the required amount of alloy is automatically forced into the die. as the pistion retracts. the cylinder is again filled with the right amount of molten metal.an integrap feeding system makes the hot chamber die casting machine easy to automate. recent improvements in design make the machines particularly advantageous for magnesium parts in china die casting factories.


















cold chamber die casting:

this process gets its name from the fact that the metal is ladled into the cold chamber for each shot. this procedure is necessary to keep the moltenmetal contact time with the steel cylinder to a minimum. this process is used for copper based metals and aluminum.

advantages and limitations of die casting process:

die casting machines can produce large quantities of parts with closed tolerance and smooth surfaces. the size is only limited by the capacity of the machine. most die castings are limited to about 75lb(34kg)zinc, 65lb(30kg)aluminum. and 44lb(20kg) of magnesim. die casting companies in china can make all range of such types of die castings.

die casting in china can provide thinner sections than any other casting process. wall thickness as thin as 0.015in (0.38mm) can be achieved with aluminum in small items.

however a more common range for large sizes will be 0.015 to 0.18in(2.67 to 4.5mm) that die casting foundry china can make.

some difficulty is experienced in getting sound castings in the larger capacities for die casting factory  have face to. Gases tend to be entrapped. which results in low strength and annoying leaks. one way to reduce metal sections without sacrificing strength is to design in ribs and bosses.

anothers approach to the porosity problem has been to operate the machine under a vacuum. this process is now being developed in china die casting suppliers factory.

the surface quality is dependent on that of the mold. parts made from new or repolished dies may have a surface roughness of 24uin, the hight surface finish available means that. in most cases, coating such as chrome plating. anodizing and painting may be applied directly.

more recently,decorative finishes of texture as obtained by photoetching have been applied. the technique as been used to simulate woodgrain finishes. as well as textile and leather finsihes, and to obtain checking and crosshatching take by die casting companies in china.

the initial cost of both the die casting machine and the dies limits this process to relatively high production quantities. the die costs are high because of the high accuracy with which they must be made and the high polish required to the surface.

perhaps the sharpest restriction on the die casting process comes from the limited range of materials that can be cast,that is, zinc-, aluminum- .magnesiom-, and copper-based allys, recently, some progress have been made with ferrous materials in china die casting suppliers foundry.

following pictures show DLFT one of china die casting suppliers exporting OEM aluminum die casting fire hose reel frame made according to importer drawing.

dei casting mould

dei casting mould

dei casting mould 2

dei casting mould 2

dei casting mould 3

dei casting mould 3

die casting reel frame

die casting reel frame

die casting reel frames

die casting reel frames


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the layout and main casting of automobile parts

The automobile industry is a fast developing industry. from the later 18th century when the first automobile was put on road. this industry has developed tremendously.

now there are thousands of factories all over the world manufacturing numerous types of automobiles. This industry employs millions of men and women directly in allied industies.

and automobile castings industry developing very fast along with the automobile industry fast developing,automotive casting manufacturers china and india have growed up along with they exporting OEM automobile casting parts such as  various automobile casting components, automobile die casting parts,car body casting,car engine casting parts,automobile engine cover castings,auto generator part castings,auto turbo part castings,automobile gearbox die castings,automobile charge air cooler tank castings,auto lighting components die casting and auto wheel hubs castings,automobile brake disc castings ,automobile water body casting, and  automoblie shock absorber inertia ring castings to USA,EUROPE AND JAPAN according to importers' drawings and request.

Now car engine casting process have also develop quickly in china automobile casting industry these years.

The automobile industry is a developing and demanding industry which does not find its end or saturation point. there is a great demand for trained and experienced persons in this industry for automobile castings, die casting automobile parts, system componets,auto Brake system castings foundryman job and machining works.

An automobile probably has about 700 different parts in it. some of them make by grey iron  sand castings, but most of them  made from alumimum die castings.

the layout of a car shows the posion of the main parts of an automobile. it consist of engine located at the front of the vehicle, followed by a clutch, gear box,propeller shaft, universal joint,differential, back axle etc.

the radiator is located in front of the engine, various others parts of the vehilce shown in the layout are dynamo, horn, steering box, fan, carburettor, air filter, steering wheel, cylinder, petrol tank, rear axle, front axle.

the drive from the gearbox is conveyed through a short shaft to the front universal joint of the propeller shaft. from the propeller shaft it is conveyed to the rear universal joint through a sliding splined type of joint.

the bevel gear of the short shaft is driven by the rear universaljoint. the bevel gear meshes with a large bevel gear which drive the two rear shaft through a differential gear.

for controlling the movement of the vehicles or to stop them, efficent braking system is a necessity for a vehicle. brakes attached to each of the four types. in the initial type, a pair of shoes carried on a stationary plate is expanded in contact with a wheel rotating drum mounted on the wheels to arrest the motion of the drum.

in the modern type of brakes, one or more pairs of pads are carried in a caliper attaced to the axle or wheel supporting linkage.

the side of the disk mounted on th wheel are griped by these pads, by applying pressure on a pedal, the brakes are applied. a hand lever acting through a separate linkage and locked in the one position is used.

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automotive casting china industry is more advanced than automotive casting manufacturers india

Automotive casting technology in china's automotive casting industry is developed very quickly,by now,automotive casting china can produce automotive engine blocksauto wheel hub castings,Auto shock absorber inertia ring castings,auto heads casting, cast iron automotive wheels,Auto Brake Disc Castings,and other auto casting parts etc.

now in china, automotive metal casting all most all taken in gray iron foundries and ductile iron foundries. 
china automobile foundries use cupola or induction furnaces to melt the iron in automotive casting process so that to melt the iron use to pour the automtive casting parts with sand molding caves. the things is as same as automotive casting manufacturers india.
China automotive casting suppliers make automotive sand casting In ferrous foundries, moulds are traditionally made from green sand, and the Cores can be made from thermosetting phenol-formaldehyde resins or similar resins mixed with sand which is then heated -hot boxmethod or from amine-cured urethane sand mixtures which cure at room temperature -cold boxmethod. The resin sand mixture is poured into a core box which has a cavity in the desired shape of the core. 
automotive casting and machining:The auto part castings produced in gray iron castings, such as cast iron automotive engine blocks,cast iron auto heads,cast iron automotive wheels, and other cast iron auto parts etc. material according to ASTM.JIS.BS.DIN standards. and all are OEM auto parts castings made accrding to importers' drawings, samples, or patterns.

High-production coremaking is characteristic of the auto castings industry in china. Hot box phenol-formaldehyde coremaking replaced oil-sand cores in china automotive castings indutries. this can improve automotive casting components quality.
automotive casting industry's workers should be outfitted with heat-protective clothing and eye and face protection in order to prevent any harm doing to the foundryman workers. now in china. youngagers don't like do foundryman job. they rather like others job which earn less salary than foundryman.because they think foundryman is hardworking, polluted job.we think this is the sames situation must faceed for automotive casting manufacturers india
automotive castings Machining in china:
automotive parts machining of engine blocks, crankshafts, transmissions auto clutches castings,auto body casting,and other components is characteristic of the auto industry.

auto parts machining processes are found within various parts manufacturing facilities and are the dominant process in engine, transmission and bearing production. Components such as camshafts, gears, differential pinions and brake drums are produced in machining operations.

One-person machining stations are increasingly replaced by multiple station machines, and CNC machining center is most used in china automotive castings machining workshops. to make sure the automotive castings machining quality is higher and better than automotive casting manufacturers india.
Grinding and tool sharpening the auto part castings may present a danger of hard metal disease unless cobalt exposure is measured and controlled. Grinding wheels should be fitted with screens, and eye and face protection and respiratory protective equipment should be worn by grinders. 
automotive casting companies in china now can assembled the machined cast iron auto parts into a finished component according to importers requested, but mostly just exporting these automotive casting parts or cast iron car parts without assembling.

automotive wheel hub castings

automotive wheel hub castings


what is OEM castings?

OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Originally, OEM referred to a company which originally designed a given product, which was then this company sold to other companies to rebuilt or rebrand and resell. 

but as time passing. now, OEM is more frequently used to describe those companies in the business of remanufacturing or rebranding a manufacturer's products and selling them to end customers.

OEM castings, means manufacturers make patterns mould toolings according to the originally designed products drawings or samples of the importing company, machining the castings accrding to the importers's drawing and request without modification. and exporting these OEM castings to the vendors back, Alternatively, it may incorporate and bundle the vendor's products with its own technology for resale.

Vendors or say OEM castings importers needs of this type of OEM Castings. At times, major OEM castings vendors will themselves enter OEM arrangements to supplement their product lines. 

take OEM Fire hydrant for example, the OEM fire hydrant manufacturers or say OEM suppliers, typically take vendor's technology into its own applications to make the OEM fire hydrant according to importers drawings, samples or patterns.and assemble the fire hydrant according to vendors' request. and take hydraulic testing according to vendors request. then export these OEM fire hydrants to the vendors for they resale to their end customers.

OEM fire hydrant made in china

OEM fire hydrant made in china

















by the way, the OEM castings suppliers must sign an OEM agreement with vendors to get the production license for OEM making this product to prevent from any violent of this OEM products' copyright.

Now in China. OEM casting manufacturers can make OEM cast iron pump parts, OEM cast iron pump bowl, OEM cast iron valve parts, OEM cast iron motor parts,OEM cast iron elevator parts, OEM cast iron auto parts, OEM Fire hydrants And OEM bench vises etc. and china export lots of OEM products to USA.EUROPE,JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA.CANADA. etc.

OEM valve castings made in china

OEM valve castings made in china


OEM pump castings made in china

OEM pump castings made in china












OEM is also help China manufacturers improved their manufacturing knowhow and manegment system. and hope China OEM industry can change from OEM castings to OEM ready for use finished products.

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